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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damage to Floors and Cabinets

This family’s Abilene residence experienced serious water damage after a supply line ruptured. SERVPRO of Abilene has the expertise and equipment to mitig... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Abilene

This family’s Abilene home suffered from a fire caused by kitchen stove. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Damage

This business discovered extensive mold growth in their structure, thanks to roof leaks that went undetected for some time. Businesses are always at risk for mo... READ MORE

Couple displaced by Fire Damage

Home fires in Abilene are bad enough, but electrical fires can bring a whole new level of danger and are harder to fight. They are started of course by electric... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke damage in Abilene home

This is a photo of a fire damage job we responded to in Abilene. The fire started from their chimney. Here at SERVPRO of Abilene we understand what a horrible e... READ MORE

Local Restaurant Water Damage

This restaurant had significant damage from a broken supply line that impacted much of the structure. It's hard to see in the before picture but the area was c... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire and Smoke

This major fire damage in Abilene was the result of faulty electrical wiring in the home. Due to this fire, this two story house was covered in soot. The before... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

Commercial Storm Damage in Abilene TX.Due to recent flooding this commercial water damage in Abilene Texas occurred. The elevator shaft was filled with the floo... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway with Mold

This flooded hallway in Abilene, TX was the result of a broken pipe and mold had begun to grow due to time since the leak was discovered. In the first photograp... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Sweetwater, TX

This storm damage was in Sweetwater, TX was the result of the recent hail storms. The before pictures shows the carpet in the master bedroom that was wet from t... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Resulting in Mold Growth

This kitchen microbial growth in Abilene, TX was the result of a broken pipe that had a slow water leak. In the first photo, notice the dark spots of growth on ... READ MORE

Water Damage Causes Mold in Entire House

In 2013 during the storms a pipe burst in this home that was empty in Abilene, TX. It was months until the homeowner returned. Most of the main level was affect... READ MORE

Commercial Water Removal in Abilene

This flooded store in a mall in Abilene, TX was the result of a fire sprinkler going off due to a fire. In the first photograph, take notice the extent of the w... READ MORE

Be Ready!

As many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster, according to the latest research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of the... READ MORE

Hail Damage

This customer was involved in the most recent storm here in the Big Country. A massive hail storm caused major losses across the area, with large hail penetrati... READ MORE

Flooded Business in Abilene

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, at least 25 percent of businesses that close after a flood never reopen. From 2010 to 2014, the average comme... READ MORE

Blistering Paint - Sure Sign of Water Damage

Clearly there was a problem inside the room of this hall closet. The wall was wet enough that the paint started to blister and run off the wall. The cause of lo... READ MORE

Damaged Roof Led to Water Damage

This older building just couldn't handle the last storm and the roof had given out letting in gallons of water from the heavy rains. This room flooded after the... READ MORE

Ceiling Replaced After Storm

The rain water had ruined the ceiling of this home in Abilene and we were called in to do the clean up process. We removed the damaged and wet building material... READ MORE

Roof Damaged Causing Water Damage

This school district in Anson, TX had used us before so when their gym floor was affected by water leaking through the roof they called us without hesitation. ... READ MORE

Basement Wall Leaking and Mold Damage

A crack in the foundation of this home in Abilene was the reason for water getting into this room. Biology of Mold Mold is a fungus that is always present in ho... READ MORE

Damage in Department Store

A broken pipe is the reason for all these ceiling tiles having to come down. The facility manager had called their insurance about the problem and was referred ... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damage in Abilene

Lighting Storm Damage! It isn't everyday that we have to help a family clean up their home after they have had a lightning fire. Most homes have a grounding wir... READ MORE

Kitchen Damaged by Fire

The technicians from SERVPRO of Abilene specialize in fire and water damage restoration. It is the "bread and butter" of our workday. We are always striving to ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Flooding in this basement was not what the business owners were looking forward to this close to school beginning. The water heater had broken and flooded the b... READ MORE

Home Damaged by Fire

Cleaning a fire loss can be tricky depending on the type of damage. These two pictures are of different losses but with different styles of cleaning procedures.... READ MORE

Large Wall with Mold

This garage in Abilene was poorly ventilated, and the buildup of natural moisture and the workings of the washer and dryer invited a large growth of mold to in... READ MORE

Water Damage in Sweetwater TX Kitchen

When the pipe burst over this kitchen the homeowners did not expect to see all their insulation inside their kitchen. Broken Pipe Floods Kitchen If your home su... READ MORE

Storm Damage Caused Carpet Staining

The first picture shows where the rain water had made its way into the facility and started to stain the carpet. This carpet is really light and the rain water ... READ MORE