Recent Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Saves an Abilene Shop After a Water/Mold Loss

The retail shop owner knew to call SERVPRO of Abilene upon discovering that a persistent leak led to a big and smelly mold attack. Our technician applied microb... READ MORE

Gym Floor Damaged by Water

The water flowed freely onto the hardwood gymnasium floor in. It was unfortunately not noticed for an almost 24 hour period resulting in seepage into the plywoo... READ MORE

Home Fire

We are SERVPRO of Abilene serving, among others, the Snyder, Sweetwater, Clyde, Cisco, Eastland and the surrounding communities - We are the Fire, Water, Mold, ... READ MORE

Mold Behind Baseboards

What not to do after a water damage. Sadly we see mold a lot more often than people might expect and it is usually for the same reason, a botched water loss job... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bathroom

Metal studs are often the culprit to having more damage than is expected. Water Pooling in Metal Studs The metal studs are placed inside a baseplate that is sha... READ MORE

Storm Damage Caused Carpet Staining

The first picture shows where the rain water had made its way into the facility and started to stain the carpet. This carpet is really light and the rain water ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Sweetwater TX Kitchen

When the pipe burst over this kitchen the homeowners did not expect to see all their insulation inside their kitchen. Broken Pipe Floods Kitchen If your home su... READ MORE

Large Wall with Mold

This garage in Abilene was poorly ventilated, and the buildup of natural moisture and the workings of the washer and dryer invited a large growth of mold to in... READ MORE

Home Damaged by Fire

Cleaning a fire loss can be tricky depending on the type of damage. These two pictures are of different losses but with different styles of cleaning procedures.... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Flooding in this basement was not what the business owners were looking forward to this close to school beginning. The water heater had broken and flooded the b... READ MORE